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Family Law attorneys are individuals who handle divorce, paternity cases, domestic violence, domestic partnerships, guardianships and adoptions. Cases can involve child custody, child visitation and child support. In dissolution proceedings and domestic partnerships spousal support, property division, division of debt, domestic violence and reimbursement of attorneys’ fees may also be involved.


Family Law litigation also frequently includes requests for the right of a party to move to a different jurisdiction with children, requests to enforce unpaid child or spousal support, requests to establish support amounts owed, and requests to enforce an existing support order for someone who is not paying the same, either through a contempt proceeding, wage garnishment or writ of execution.

There are additional related areas of the law that necessarily interact with a Family Law practice. Guardianship cases – the attorney assists you in obtaining temporary or perminant physical or legal custody of children who are not biologically your own: obtaining restraining orders against both people you are related to and others because they are harassing you; requests to divide property in non-marital situations, which is commonly referred to as a “Marvin” complaint; requests to establish the appropriate state or jurisdiction to handle a particular matter when parties live in, or have connections with, various states; civil litigation involving breach of contract, allegations of fraud, or dissipation of funds by third parties which are in some way connected to the divorce action; defense of criminal actions associated with the Family Law case (primarily this involves allegations of spousal abuse); and representation of minor children in contested custody cases.

PBA handles Family Law matters utilizing the Traditional Dissolution Method, Mediation, and Collaborative Law. Our practice is very limited in terms of the type of litigation that we undertake. To ensure a high qualify of representation, we only handle matters that are within our core competence and area of expertise.

We specialize in the following areas:

Child Custody/Visitation

Complex Property Issues

Community Property Division

Separate Property Tracings

Business Valuation and Division Issues

Pension/Retirement Division

Qualified Domestic Relations Orders

Domestic Violence

Spousal Support

Child Support

Enforcement of Orders

Modification of Orders


Domestic Partnerships

Appeals and Writs

Prenuptial Agreements

Adoptions or Juvenile Dependency Matters.