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The quality of legal services is determined by a large number of factors. One factor is the continuing legal education of the attorneys and ensuring that they are all apprised of new cases and developments in the law. We cannot overvalue the importance of staying current on the most recent cases and statutes, legal trends and judicial thinking.

PBA subscribes to a variety of Family Law resources to ensure that we receive the most current and updated information in the field of Family Law. Our office is registered with a “First Alert” program which sends out a weekly transmission with significant new cases which have been published within the past week. Additionally, the California Family Law Report is received by and reviewed by our attorneys every month to apprise them of the recent developments in Family Law, including new cases and statutes. The “ Family Law News ” newsletter is also published quarterly by the State Bar of California and reviewed by all attorneys. Through receipt and review of these materials, you can be assured that your PBA attorney will be armed with the most recent and up-to-date legal knowledge when you go to court or structure a settlement.

PBA attorneys regularly attend seminars on a variety of Family Law related topics. We have also invited guest speakers to our office to provide the latest information in specialized areas for the benefit of both attorney and staff.