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Family Law, we have a wealth of experience with Family Law.

Our experience directly influences the quality of our representation and its results. Experience by itself does not guarantee a good result or a superior quality of service, but it is a huge advantage. Most importantly, we recognize the need for an awareness that the attorney representing you vigorously represents your interests in the courtroom with a favorable result. Being prepared to litigate the case to its conclusion and being prepared with all of the facts of the case are great enhancements towards settlement.

A significant part of the practice of law involves matters that one cannot learn in a book or a classroom!PBA’s attorneys have a wealth of Family Law experience and share it with each other. Our firm has a comprehensive program for the transfer of knowledge designed to leverage each attorney’s experience, in order to increase the quality of legal representation of all our clients.

PBA has firm-wide weekly meetings which focus on obtaining multiple opinions on particular client cases. We also have weekly focus group meetings to address complex client issues. Our firm believes that the quality of “lawyer-ing” is always enhanced by obtaining diverse opinions, views, perspectives, and insights of multiple experienced Family Law attorneys. You will benefit from the depth of expertise of PBA. Regardless of how experienced and bright a particular attorney is, one attorney is only one attorney. Surely, we can enhance the quality of our legal service by the analysis of multiple attorneys.

San Bernardino Superior Court recognizes our Family Law Attorneys.

Our firm is very proud of our attorneys, who are recognized by the San Bernardino County Superior Court for their competence and are called upon from time to time for input on relevant topics.

Our attorneys work in teams to increase efficiency, expedite the resolution of the case, and enhance the quality of client services.  The teams include the primary attorney, a case management attorney, and a legal assistant.

PBA understands that the quality of our non-attorney staff is also very important to the quality of legal services and the overall client experience. Our philosophy, benefits, culture and practices allow us to hire and retain the best of the best in our staff positions.