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The issues involved in Family Law can cause stress to both clients and lawyers alike. You will quickly realize that we distinguish ourselves by our level of compassion and the results we achieve for you.

Clients frequently ask the question: “ If I retain your firm, who will represent me? ” When you retain a lawyer at PBA, he or she will be your primary lawyer. Barring some unforeseen circumstances, you will not retain one attorney and later learn that your case has been shifted to a different lawyer. We realize that there is a personal element in deciding which lawyer the client retains in a Family Law matter.  We acknowledge that clients will not react kindly if we surprise them by suddenly assigning them to a new lawyer. The goal of our firm is to accept clients with objectives that we can achieve and to render the highest quality legal service in the most cost-effective manner possible.

We encourage resolution of contested issues without trial. Settlement should be explored early, not on the courthouse steps just before the trial and after paying all the fees.  PBA pursues settlement from all perspectives, including: four-way meetings (attorneys and clients), mandatory settlement conferences, and voluntary settlement conferences with retired judges, etc. The firm carefully analyzes the costs and benefits of litigation as opposed to settlement. We always ask the question: “ Is litigation a good business decision? ” If litigation is required, PBA will approach it in a cost-effective and appropriately aggressive manner. Litigation should not be elected unless it is pursued with the perception that the clients’ claims are meritorious and the goal is for victorious results .