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Litigation always consists of both sides of an issue and there are always two sides to a story. At PBA we do not believe that attorneys should contemplate or consider only one side of a case. We believe the only way to be effective is to understand both sides of all issues and be capable of advocating both sides. Only after truly considering both sides of the issue can an attorney truly become an effective litigator.

We rarely see cases in which there is not at least some area of risk to both sides. It is rare indeed that given a certain factual pattern, a particular litigant would be “completely” correct on one occasion or issue, or “completely” incorrect on another. The word “completely” should not be utilized when analyzing the propriety of a particular legal position. More often than not, there are shades of grey in any legal dispute, which is generally why the litigation is occurring in the first place. There are always cases where inappropriate and untrue allegations are made, and there are always cases in which allegations are made which are true. Our attorneys know how to advocate positions that are appropriate, and when to defend against positions or allegations that are not.